mahoganyurbanpoetry:Every Wednesday Night, come see us at queen...


Every Wednesday Night, come see us at queen sheba….in 2017 we are working on updating the site more frequently…you can always check the photos for a weekly update…thanks for your support!!

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Every Wednesday Night, come see us at queen sheba….in...

Every Wednesday Night, come see us at queen sheba….in 2017 we are working on updating the site more frequently…you can always check the photos for a weekly update…thanks for your support!!

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Mahogany Urban Poetry Series. Featuring Takarra Lee...

Mahogany Urban Poetry Series. Featuring Takarra Lee Johnson

Sacramento, California – May 18, 2016

Mahogany Urban Poetry Series is the oldest urban poetry series in Sacramento. On Wednesday, May 18 at 9 PM we have as our feature poet  Takarra “KariJAY” Johnson is a first year undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis. She is an award winning poet that was introduced to the art through Sacramento Area Youth Speaks. Since then she has held many performed many features, competed in many slams including The King of Mic Slam, where she was crowned the youngest Queen of the Mic in Mahogany history. Takarra is currently studying African American Studies and plans to take the world by storm through poetry and liberatory pedagogy. Takarra hopes to leave a message of solidarity, love, and revolution.

Come out and support this amazing young poet. Open mic is open to poets, singers, rappers and comedians. The door is $5. We are located at Queen Sheba Restaurant at 1704 Broadway Sacramento, Ca. For more information go to

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16 years. Jamaica House, to Sweet Fingers, and now Queen...

16 years. Jamaica House, to Sweet Fingers, and now Queen Sheba. 1704 broadway.

Mahogany URBAN Poetry Series has been at the forefront of the poetry scene in Northern California for the past 16 years. There is NO other known urban venue that has existed as long. NO other venue that has catered consistently to the urban market, the youth, and both local and international poets, comedians, singers, etc.

Every year, we celebrate another accomplishment. Last year we packed out the Guild Theater, and had an afterparty at The Brickhouse.

This year we are bringing the phenomenal and legendary poet GEORGIA ME to Sacramento to celebrate with us.

Georgia Me was featured on Def Poetry 7 times. She has featured on Verses and Flow, has won an Emmy,Tony award, has been featured all over the United States, and even has her own festival in Atlanta named after her.

We also have Taalam Acey, ZFG, Luke Tailor, Kelly and the Girl Nexxt Door,Hurrikane, Ifamodupe, Cleo Cartel, Coon the Poet,NSAA, Heather Christian and live music with Zyah Belle on the ticket.

DJ Rock Bottom will be on the wheels of steel afterwards for the after party..

This will be the BEST show Sacramento has seen in years!!

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Door: $5The Get Down:8:35 pm – 9 pm: Order food.9:00 pm – 9:45...

Door: $5

The Get Down:

8:35 pm – 9 pm: Order food.
9:00 pm – 9:45 pm: Kitchen closes, Open Mic and Slam sign ups. Mixer and Music.
9:45 pm – 10:45 pm: Open Mic.
10:45 pm: Feature Poet.
11:00 pm: Slam Starts.

Feature Poet Epiphany Castro:

Epiphany Castro—born and raised in Berkeley, California with soulful roots traceable to New Orleans, Louisiana; perhaps this is where it starts—at the roots. Epiphany began singing and involved herself in performance arts during her fledgling years, which also was the beginning of her writing experience with shorts and poems. In her adulthood she studied theatre arts at San Francisco State and began singing in local bands in the bay area. Expanding her limbs she went international, traveling across Europe. Performing at various venues and learning new forms of expression before she returned to the Unite States to resume her activities in art and career. “My eyes speak volumes of truth, my voice speaks for the voiceless —for those who are misunderstood” It was in recent years when Epiphany heeded the call to poetry, which seemed to be a natural fit as she appeared at various poetry speakeasies and open mics; she published her first volume of poetry titled Everything and Nothing, and later began exercising her love for vocalizing once more, which led to the production of several albums. Besides her personal milestones, Epiphany became the household branding for what is globally known as Epiphany’s House: the place where artists meet; it is at this online podcast that she finds herself most comfortable and instrumental in the promotion of her affinity for both music and poetry.

Queen Sheba Poetry Night Menu:

Wine - 6.00,
Beer - 4.00,
Coffee or Tea - 2.50,
Soda - 2.50,
Juice (Apple, Cranberry) - 2.99,
Mango Jice - 3.99,
Sorrel Hibiscus Juice - 3.99,
Jazz Cake - 2.50,
Baklava 1.75,
Lintel Samusa - 1.99,
Meat Samusa - 3.99,
Greens over Rice - 5.99,
Chicken over Rice - 8.99.

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Mahogany Urban Poetry Seires goes down at 9 PM every Wednesday at Queen Sheba Restaurant

1704 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

Doors open @ 9pm (to order something eat get there early the kitchen closes at 9pm)

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