Khiry Malik

Host every second Wednesday

Khiry Malik Moore Khiry Malik Moore is the host of the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series,in it's 15th year of existence, it is one of Sacramento’s longest running and most popular poetry venues.

Khiry has shared the stage with notable poets and entertainers such as: Erykah Badu, Dead Prez, KRS-ONE, Umar Bin Hassan and The Last Poets, Ursula Rucker, Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, Taalam Acey, and many more.

Khiry has contributed to the poetry scene in his area by staying active in events that benefit the community, and providing an avenue for poets to broaden their horizons. Khiry spends most of his time as a mentor for other poets, teaching performance techniques and writing workshops. Khiry also was the coach of the Sacramento Slam Team, which received high rankings in each year of it's existence.

Khiry has written several chapbooks, and i s working on a full length book that will be released in 2015. Khiry’s poetry often is reflective of his life and experiences, so the topics vary from love, to community awareness, to comedy. Khiry has dedicated himself to the progress of poetry in the Sacramento area.

“When I first started reading poetry, it wasn’t very popular,but since then, I have seen it emerging as the new craze.I learned to capitalize on the popularity, so I have hosted poetry slams, haiku readings,limerick readings,anything that encourages people to look at poetry more seriously. I have found a way to get people interested in the types of poetry that used to make us skip class in high school."